Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A.W.A.R.D @ a.w.a.r.d.......T.H.A.N.X

cik shikin n cik shira

i would LIKE to give a BIG hug n kisses (hahaha)


ni 1st tyme i dpt mende alah cam gini oke...

so what should i do??

Syarat-syarat ambil award ni adalah:

1) Thank and linked the person that gave you the award.

thanx again to cik shikin mudzrin n cik shira

2) Pass this award to 15 blogger you're recently discovered and think are fantastic.

-cik shikin (forward to u..hehe)

- cik shira (forward to u too... =p )


-kak neza (for u....)

-pn.fatihah (my dear fren =p)

-pn.hidayah (another fren)

- kak ecah (i'm ur silent reader..hehe)

-kak diyana (again... silent reader)

-pn.hanie (silent reader)

-doodle.. (really like ur job...again...silent reader..)

-mr.amirul (the bestest {whoaahhaa} silent reader...wee)

-muazzin (another dearie fren)

-boxhousestudio (sape nk tempah kek....its here)

-kak.... (another bakery is here =))

-umair (my cousin)

3) Contact bloggers and let them know they've won.

DONe.... @}=---

4) State 7 things about yourself:

::sedikit gedix...haha

::x bape nk matang

::soft hearted (easy to cry..huh)

::easy to get motivated

::love people who loves me

::keep praying

:: @}=----